• USB Device driver core defect

    During my testing which consisted of disconnecting and reconnecting a Kinetis K60DN512 (MQX 4.0) USB port to Windows XP machine repeatedly, I was able to repeatedly generate a hard fault which locked up my processor. ...
    Robert Hodson
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  • USB MSD example using NAND flash controller

    We are looking for any example of a USB device using the Mass Storage Device (MSD) class that uses the NAND Flash controller (NFC) to access a large flash memory, for example to make a USB flash drive. There are plent...
    Jacob Vecht
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  • USB Device Mass Storage data refresh with MCF52252  MQX 3.4

    I have built an application based on the device disk example. I am able to have the device enumerate on a windows pc and look just like a thumb drive. Using MFS I created a file on the disk and windows is able to re...
    Michael Urbaniak
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  • Enable MQX virtual NIC demo on a IMX28 board

    Hello,   How can I use the MQX3.8.1 Virtual NIC demo, with an IMX28 board powered by a 2.6.35-3 linux kernel. I try to enable every things that seems to be a virtual nic driver without succes.   usb 2-1: ne...
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  • How to close virtual com?

    I use the virtual com to receive data from PC, and it works normal. After finish receive data I want to disconnect and close virtual com. I try call USB_Class_CDC_Deinit(g_app_handle) to finish the receive job. The...
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  • Dual CDC virtual com device

    Hi everyone,   About one year ago I opened a SR to get help in developing a dual virtual com device application and the answer was that at that time (MQX was 3.7) such application was not possible. ("We have to...
    Teckna Teckna
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  • Connecting USB stack to TCP/IP stack, where and how

    Hi,   my name ist Thomas.   I'm using the MQX 3.7 library + a tower system with a Kinetis TWR K60 N512 board + a TWR SER board.   I'm trying to "connect" the MQX USB stack (the K60 is running in host...
    Thomas Hülsmann
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  • USB MSD with MQX3.8

    I'm new to using MQX and I could use some help.   I can't seem to be able to get the msd example included in mxq 3.8 to work.  It appears to enumerate fine, and brings up the prompt to format the drive,...
    Travis Klassen
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  • Minimal code/ram config for 52212 MQX CDC

    Freescale lists that the MQX RTOS with USB stack requires 10K of RAM and 32K of code.  Unfortunately the 52212 only has 8K of RAM.  Because of this, the vanilla off the shelf 3.8.0 MQX stack will not work.&n...
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  • USB CDC Virtual Com Example Not Working on TWR-K60N512

    I am trying to use the CDC Virtual Com Example on TWR-K60N512 and  TWR-SER, with CW10.2 and MQX 3.8. This is the cdc_vcom_twrk60n512 example project in the MQX 3.8 folder. I can build and run in debug mode. But...
    Vincent Wong
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  • USB without MFS

    We are using MQX 3.6.1 with a 52259 micro. I'd like to be able to access a USB stick that contains a file loaded from a PC. Is this possible to do without the use of MFS? We're having memory issues. Even though the sy...
    Douglas Labrecque
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  • AN4368 is based on which MQX version?

    AN4368 works great but I would like to reuse the MQX files in my application.  Which version of MQX is this based on?  I noticed that many of the files are much smaller than MQX 3.6.   Thanks, gj
    Gary Johnson
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  • MQX 3.8.1 usb cdc device not enumerating

    I recently upgraded from MQX 3.8 to 3.8.1 and my usb cdc is not enumerating on my PC anymore.  Previously it all worked fine, but now I cannot see the device enumerate at all.  I am using USBView to see the ...
    Travis Long
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  • Where to add code for ROM vector table copy to RAM?

    Hi   I rebuilt the mqx 3.8.1 for the k40, with the user_config.h with MQX_ROM_VECTORS   0 Then I changed the intflash.lcf to the code below, as per the appnotes and rebuilt the bsp.   But in wha...
    Robert Lewis
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  • USB Boot loader AN4368- k60 Twr, cw10.3, mqx 3.8.1, fails on sp & pc cntr load

    I have the latest code from the forum for cw10.2 & an4368, that compiles without errors for the k60 tower board.   I was unsure of the correct processor type, so I created a debug configuration for both the ...
    Robert Lewis
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  • RAM requirement for USB device CDC example

    Hello,   I would like to know how many RAM is needed by the virtual COM demo (MQX3.8.1), because it works with 32Kb (TWR-51JF), if I try 16Kb (just change ram size in lcf file), I've got an MQX_OUT_OF_MEMORY in ...
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  • RTS on USB CDC device

    Hi everyone,   My device acts as a USB CDC device, my system is CW 10.2 and MQX 3.8.1; the communication channel needs a hardware flow control, I need to simulate the RTS signal to the host (and to get the simul...
    Teckna Teckna
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  • Lightweight semaphore corruption in USB stack

    Good morning,   I'm attempting to integrate the MQX USB host stack (specifically the mass storage device class) onto our bespoke hardware -- currently using a Kinetis K61 part. The aim is to be able to read and ...
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  • MQX USB Device stack

    I am using MCF52259 microcontroller. I want to implement USB device in my project and I want to use USB device as Virtual COM port. I have following questions.   1. Is it possible to implement Virtual COM port ...
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  • Bug in USB?

    Hi everyone,   I've found a possible bug in MQX 3.8.1, USB device library.   In the khci_dev_main.c file, in the _usb_dci_usbfs_preinit function, at line 1363 there is a memory allocation call (USB_mem_all...
    Teckna Teckna
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