• Extra bytes received at RX buffer of UART

    Hi,   We have mcf52259 Controller based hardware board and MQX 3.5 OS, which is communicating with external device on RS 485 (MODBUS RTU Protocol). We have established communication between this device. we fou...
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  • Flush RX buffer in Uart

    Can any one give me any api to flush receive buffer of uart using mqx3.5?\ Please do reply Thanks in advance, Nisha
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    I am using mqx3.5 . I wrote a small code to read packet from rs485     int rxBytes = 0,BytesToBeRead = 0;    BOOL  bytesPresent = FALSE ;    /* To avoid blocking */   ...
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  • Why doesn't scheduling buffers for the next usb receive event work for the first packet?

    I am using CW10.2, MQX 4.0.0. I added functionality to to the MQX USB Device HID driver to receive data on a HID OUT Endpoint.  I used example code from the CDC driver to do this.  AN4345.pdf is one example...
    Daniel Hillstead
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  • MQX IO Error

    Hello,   I am using twr54418 kit and trying to install the MFS over the USB MSD.   Previously, _io_usb_mfs_install function call was working fine.   But now, it is returning the error 0xA00, which I ...
    Nitin Kothari
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  • mfs_usb  HOST Problem

     Hi,        I am using k70 demo board ,3.8 MQX and 10.2 Codewarrior .On demo board USB port is working properly in "4 GB" pen drive.But i add upto 4 GB drive it not working ,what i do f...
    Sunoop KT
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  • USB <Virtual_com demo> output queue full problem

    Hi, Tested virtual com in TWR-K60N512 with TeraTerm (v4.75) running in Win7. MQX 4.0.2 and CW10.4 are used. Character send and echo is OK when pressed by keyboard. But when sending a testfile (35kb) the output queue ...
    Markku Pulsa
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  • Is possible to do a MQX USB general purpose communication without virtual COM?

    Hi Freescale team and community.   I need to do a general purpose USB communication between Kinetis (TWR-K60 using MQX) and PC. The PC side is solved thanks to example from Freescale ("How to make a graphical us...
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  • MFS install

    Hello all,   I am using MFS with USB Host stack for Mass Storage Device and I am pretty new to it.   I am trying to read a text file from the connected MSD. Here is the sequence of funciton calls I am usin...
    Nitin Kothari
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  • Servicing CLASS Requests in custom USB Class driver

    Hi,   I'm implementing one USB device class driver for one device class which is not supported in the MQX USB stack and I need some advise on how I could service one class request that should eventually return a...
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  • USB File Read Speed with MQX

    We are using MQX 3.8 on a K70, internal USB Full Speed.  The K70 is set as the Host and reading a file from a USB Flash Drive using the MQX MFS File System. The file is a binary file about 2MB in size.  It t...
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  • cdc virtual_com example not working on Kwikstik

    Hi,   I am trying to run CDC virtual_com example on K40 Kwikstik board. I can send data from host (windows xp) to device and can print the data received but the data sent from device is not received by the host...
    raghu kumar
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  • USB device stack mis-reporting status? (bus powered vs self-powered)

    {with apologies if this is a double post...it seems as if the first post didn't make it into "MQX Software Solutions"?}   I have a USB device application (K60) based on the USB Audio class in MQX 4.0.2.   ...
    John Adamson
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  • SCSI and UFI Sub Class

    Hello,   We are using the Tower for MCF54418 and using MQX with the example codes.   For MSD example, in the Driver Info Table SCSI is the Sub Class while in Class Interface Map, it is UFI.   Please ...
    Nitin Kothari
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  • Kinetis EHCI USB-Host 160ms Interrupt

    I'm using USB-Host Mass Storage Device class of MQX 4.0.1. with K70 EHCI and I face the following problem: When a memory stick is inserted, the function _usb_ehci_reset_and_enable_port is called by the ISR. Inside th...
    Johannes Schock
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  • move or copy a file between multiple MFS (over SD and USB)

    Hi,   In my MQX4.0 Project, I have installed two MFS, one MFS over SD Card and one MFS over USB device. I have used the shell to test all possible commands  successfully (dir, cd, copy, rename, ....).  ...
    angel gutierrez
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  • HID USB Communication Failing after exactly 31 sends.

    I'm using MQX 4.0 and I'm having an issue with the USB HID communication trying to send data. My HID layout is a modification of the HID Class driver that's built in, different only that I also need to read data were ...
    Jason Blackston
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  • mk60 virtual com port

    Hello!   We are using MK60FN1M0VLQ12 with MQX 4.0 and virtual com port demo. Clock are set to these values: 60MHz - core clock, 60MHz - bus clock and 20 MHz flex bus and flash clock, PLL0 is set to 120MHz and u...
    ace ventura
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  • RTCS examples crashing in MQX 4.0.1

    I was using MQX 3.7 with Codewarrior 10.2 on my M52259EVB. I want to upgrade to MQX 4.0.1.   I downloaded and installed 4.0.1, and am still using CW10.2, then built the libraries in debug and release mode using ...
    Nathan Kohler
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  • unable to open USB problem

    Hi All,   I have been trying to run  MFS USB example unfortunatly it gaves errors. I am not much familiar  with USB stack and hope I can solve the issue with your guidance. I have enabled the stack's l...
    Mehmet Ekici
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