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    Welcome to the Freescale Cup!  The following pages are designed to introduce students to the concepts of robotics and the components of the Freescale Cup Car. Programming microcontrollers is challenging, and the content here is developed to facilitate the process of becoming a successful embedded programmer.



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    History of the Freescale Cup

    Where to buy my car kit and accessories?

    Where to buy a Freescale Cup racetrack?


    Mathworks Support for The Freescale Cup

    Race Track InformationCommunity created accessories
    Assembly Directions


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    Hardware ConceptsEmbedded Systems ConceptsReal world usage (Practical)
    Line Scan CameraMCU 101 TutorialsKinetis FRDM-KL25Z
    Servo MotorFreescale Cup related video series by Prof. Eli HughesKinetis TWR-K40X256
    Drive (DC) MotorsMathWorks basic model for using wide angle lenses on The Freescale Cup Car Qorivva MPC-5604B
    Motor Driver (H-Bridge)K40 KwikStik


    The Freescale Cup (TFC) Calendar

    France/Switzerland TFC QualificationsESEO Angers, France27-Jan-2015
    Italy TFC QualificationsUniversity of Padova in Vicenza, Italy09-Feb-2015
    Eastern Europe TFC QualificationsAudiovisual Technology Centre, Wroclaw, Poland17-Feb-2015
    N.Africa TFC QualificationsMundiapolis University, Casablanca, Morocco05-Mar-2015
    Russia TFC QualificationsTo be AnnouncedMarch 2015
    Germany TFC QualificationsDeggendorf Institute of Technology, Deggendorf, Germany17-Mar-2015
    Romania TFC QualificationsUniversity of Iasi, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, Romania24-Mar-2015
    India TFC FinalsDESE Indian Institute for SciencesApril 2015
    USA Central Regional FinalsTexas State University, Jowers Center, San Marcos, USA11-Apr-2015
    USA West Coast Regional FinalsUniversity of California, Davis, USA18-Apr-2015
    EMEA TFC FinalsPolitecnico of Torino, Italy28-29 Apr-2015
    USA East Coast Regional FinalsRochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA02-May-2015
    Malaysia TFC FinalsMARA University of Technology, Shah Alam, Malaysia23-May-2015
    China TFC Regional Events8 regional events across the countryJuly 2015
    Korea TFC FinalsHanyang University, SeoulJuly 2015
    Taiwan TFC FinalsTMUST - Takming University of Science and Technology11-Jul-2015
    China TFC FinalsShandong University, Jinan of Shandong Province China21-22 Aug-2015
    Worldwide TFC FinalsErlangen Germany14-15 Sep-2015
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