How to Test Yocto for i.MX6

Version 13

    Join FSL-community-bsp project:


    In order to test Yocto Project for i.MX6 or any other supported board please follow the instructions pointed by FSL Community BSP.


    In order to download the source code, please follow this instructions FSL Community BSP.


    With the downloaded source code, you can follow the steps from this training: Yocto Training - HOME


    If you face a problem, please, send an email to




    This page made sense when there was not other tutorial to point people on how to download and build the very first image using Yocto Project tools for i.MX family boards. Today, FSL Community BSP has become a complete environment with its own landing page (FSL Community BSP) and a collaborative community around meta-freescale mailing list. I encourage you to register in meta-freescale mailing list.


    I configured this document to be closed for new comments. In case of any issue or bug, please, send an email to meta-freescale.