Yocto Training - HOME

Version 16

    The goal of this training is to show - step by step - what is the most common tasks to get a yocto image up and running, and how to customize it.


    It´s composed by 10 tasks:



    Task #1 - Download the source code

    Task #2 - First build

    Task #3 - The build result

    Task #4 - Deploy and test

    Task #5 - Kernel

    Task #6 - Customize the image

    Task #7 - Create the toolchain

    Task #8 - Build kernel manually using created toolchain

    Task #9 - How to add bad/ugly

    Task #10 - How to create a custom layer


    Additional content:


    Talking about images


    And more:

    Setup QT Creator with Yocto Build



    See the yocto project layers used by each project here:



    It´s one task every week. This way you can follow the training at your time.


    If you already know one task, you may skip it.

    If you´re busy, you can miss one week and came back later.

    If you don´t have imx6 board, you can use imx53qsb, or imx28evk

    You can join anytime!


    And please make questions. I´m sure I will not be able to reply to every single question, but this is the most important part of this training! and I believe community can help either, so please, let us know what you think.


    The first task will be posted next Monday (27 May).


    Every time I post a new task I will update this doc with the link, so you can follow this doc and receive a notification when a new task is published.



    There is a great set of Documents created and posted by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez, please see it here: https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-94023